Cutting Rulers

Made of transparent Plexiglas with cutting edge stainless steel.

Aluminum Rulers

Aluminum rulers include precise mm-scale and a rubber strip to prevent slipping. Made of Plexiglas. 1 mm scale.


Transparent rulers with facet, drawing edge and mm scale.



Made of Plexiglas. Thickness 2-2.5 mm and 1 mm scale.

GeoCollege T-Square

Made of Polystrol, includes mm and inches scale and bosses on both sides.


Fan-Scale 5 Compartments

A handy pocket size gauge with multiple reduction scales. Comes in a leather case.

GeoCollege Triangle Gauge

Comes with three colored groove to quickly find the desired reduction.

Triangular Scale

Triangular reduction scales. Highest quality available, with three colored grooves making it easy to find the correct reduction scale.