Drawing Broom

Made with horsehair bristles.

Two options:

  • 4-row, with wooden shaft, 225 mm in length.
  • 1-row, with plastic shaft, 360 mm in length.

Cutting Mats

The indispensable tool for cutting, protects the table or drawing board and the cutting knife. Allows precise and traceless cuts.

  • Combination of green and black surface
  • Both sides with cm grid
  • 3 mm strong, anti-skid material, 1 mm self-closing cutting surface
  • Solid interior material


Erasing Shield

Made of stainless steel with 15 eraser guides for secure erasing.

Combined Eraser ‟GEO TB"

Aristo offers a wide variety of erasers, intended for combination of ink and pencil work on tracing paper and drafting film. One side of the eraser will erase pencil and the other will erase pen.

Lead-eraser "GEO B"

Lead-eraser for erasing polymer-graphite lines from all drawing media. The elastic, white eraser contains no abrasives, so it will not affect ink lines. It works by rolling up graphite and dirt particles in eraser dust. The erased surface stays clean, with no smears or marks. The dust can be brushed off easily from the media surface.

GEOCollege Eraser

The ‟must" for school, home and office. PVC-free.

  • Made from natural rubber
  • Guarantees best results
  • 2/3 for pencils, 1/3 for ink
  • Use on: Paper, tracing paper and drawing film
  • Format: L = 56, W = 19, H = 8 mm

Eraser Pen

Function similar to a mechanical pencil, eraser-lead of 12 cm length.

Click Eraser

Tool for easy erasing, applied like a writing instrument. For precise erasing, ergonomic shape, refillable eraser core.

Glass Eraser

For correcting India ink, ink and pencil marks as well as the removal of rust and oxidation residue. Also suitable as a correction pen for printing plates. With brass tip.

Lead Eraser ‟STUDIO"

The studio erasers can be relied upon to remove pencil and colored pencil lines, without a trace. By using dirt-catching additives and avoiding hard abrasives, they make sure that the media surface always remains clean.