Set Squares

Aristo set squares are made of crystal clear Plexiglas®, one of the highest quality plastics available. Unlike surface printing, the Aristo set squares scales and symbols are embossed into the material making them resistant to abrasion. These two features make this product the ideal choice for precision technical drawing instruments.


The "Original" Geodreieck® includes bosses and facets on all three edges. Does not include handle.


Transparent geometry set squares with facet, drawing edge and mm-scale.



Drawing instruments for the school bag. Provides flexible, durable and accurate measurement.

TZ Set Squares

The top drawing tool with facet on the hypotenuse and exquisite, ergonomic wooden handle.

Plexiglas Set Squares 

Set squares of incomparable quality. Made of Plexiglas®, clear, 2 mm thick, precise and durable scales. Available in 45° or 60° angles.