Click-Eraser Popular Colours

$ 5.99

Use this handy tool just like a writing instrument for precise erasing.?ÿThe Aristo Click Eraser's ergonomic shape features push-button technology to advance the eraser. Takes refillable eraser insert.

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Eraser Geo-Pen

$ 1.40 $ 2.79

Eraser pen. Funtion similar to a mechanical pencil, eraser-lead of 12 cm length. Spare erasers diameter 6.8mm??¨

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Eraser Geo-Pen Blister

$ 2.20 $ 4.39

12 cm long

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Eraser Geo Tb (Ink/Lead) 0.20

$ 1.40 Out of Stock

63 x 22 x 11 mm

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Eraser Template Es30

$ 3.20 $ 6.39

Erasing shield. Made of stainless steel with 15 eraser guides.

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Geocollege Natural Eraser

$ 0.40 $ 0.79

GeoCollege eraser. The "must" for school, home and office. PVC- free. Made from natural rubber. Guarentees best results. 2/3 for pencils, 1/3 for ink. Use on: paper, tracing paper and drawing film. Format: L = 56 mm, W = 19 mm, H = 8 mm.

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Glass Eraser, Round Nickeled Bras

$ 7.80 $ 15.59

Glass eraser. For correcting India ink, ink, and pencil marks as well as the removal of rust and oxidation residue. Also suitable as a correction pen for printing plates. With brass tip and eraser diameter 4mm, 4cm in length.

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Lead Eraser Studio 20

$ 0.60 $ 1.19

65 x 23 x 12 mm Lead eraser "STUDIO". The studio erasers can be relied upon to remove pencil and colored pencil lines, without a trace. By causing dirt-catching additives and avoiding hard abrasives, they make sure that the media surface always remains clean.

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