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Imagination International, Inc. is the North American distributor of Copic, X-Press It, Kirarina, Aristo, Cube, Nobby, atyouSpica, senseBook, IC, and Hot Ribbon. All Imagination International, Inc. brands are available in the USA and Canada. We would be happy to answer any specific questions you may have about our products and accessories.

Imagination International, Inc.,
PO Box 72149, Springfield, OR 97475.
Tel 541.684.0013 | Fax 541.684.0140

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International Copic Contact Information

Do you have questions about Copic products you purchased outside of the USA or Canada?
Are you interested in purchasing Copic products outside of the USA or Canada?
Please refer to our global Copic region map and contact your local Copic distributor.

Imagination International Inc.

Eugene / USA
Distributor for USA and Canada

Too marker Products Inc.

Tokyo / Japan
Manufacturer and Distributor for Asia, Oceania, South and Central America, South and Middle Africa

Holtz Office Support GmbH

Wiesbaden / Germany
Distributor for Europe, North Africa and Middle East