Copic makes the highest quality alcohol markers in the world. Developed for—and widely adopted by—the Japanese manga industry, Copic markers are ideal for all styles of art, design, illustration, and crafts. Durable, refillable, and featuring replaceable nibs, you only need to buy a Copic marker once.

Vibrant, Smooth Coloration

Copic ink applies smoothly and is easy to blend. The alcohol based ink dries acid free and does not destroy paper fibers the way water based inks do. Also, the open time on uncoated papers is limitless, so you can go back and re-wet the ink years later!

Permanent & Non-Toxic

Copic markers are free of harmful chemicals and overwhelming odors, making them much more enjoyable to use than other brands.  


Once you purchase a marker, it is yours for life. By simply refilling the marker and replacing damaged nibs, your marker will last a lifetime. Some artists have been using the same markers for almost 25 years.


Copic markers will not dry out when not in use. With a guaranteed 3-year shelf life, your investment will not waste away in storage.

Quality Tested

Each marker is hand-tested for overall quality and color consistency three times before it is shipped from Japan. 

Super Brush Nib

This unique, flexible brush allows for smooth blends and paint-like application. No other brush marker on the market has the feel and quality of the Super Brush nib.


  • Square barrel
  • ABS Compatible
  • Holds the most ink
  • Available in 214 colors
  • Refillable - 9 refills from just one Various Ink bottle
  • Classic Sets: available in a variety of combinations
  • Includes a Broad Chisel nib and a Fine Point nib
  • 9 nib options: Brush nib, Standard Fine nib, Standard Broad nib, Semi Broad nib, Soft Broad nib, Super Fine nib, Round nib, Calligraphy 3 mm nib and Calligraphy 5 mm nib

The Classic marker is our original line of high quality illustrating tools. Used for decades by professionals around the world, this marker style enables bold strokes, quick coverage and the ability to work within detailed areas. Classic markers are most popular among Comic Artists, Architects, Product Designers, Graphic Designers, Industrial Designers, Calligraphers, Quilters, Scrapbookers, and for journaling and mixed media arts.



  • Oval barrel
  • ABS Compatible
  • Available in all 358 colors
  • Refillable - 12 refills from one Various Ink bottle
  • Sketch Sets: available in a variety of combinations
  • Includes a Medium Broad nib and a Super Brush nib
  • 3 nib options: Super Brush, Medium Broad and Medium Round

Sketch markers come in the widest range of colors, and feature the Medium Broad and Super Brush nib combination. The responsive and flexible Super Brush nib delivers a wide range of marks and makes blending easy. The Sketch marker has revolutionized fine art markers. The Super Brush nib feels like a saturated, long lasting, flexible brush that never frays. It gives artists the ability to spread ink smoothly in a manner similar to watercolor. The other end has a Medium Broad nib with a firm chisel tip, perfect for airbrushing and coloring large areas. Sketch markers are commonly used for comics, storyboard illustration, fashion design, interior design, manga, anime, landscape architecture, rubber-stamping, mixed media arts, tattoo arts, calligraphy and more!



  • Round barrel
  • Available in 180 colors
  • Refillable - 15 refills from one Various Ink bottle
  • Includes a Medium Broad Chisel nib and a Super Brush nib
  • 2 nib options: Super brush nib and Medium Broad nib
  • Come with a child-safe cap that features small air holes
  • Ciao Sets: available in a variety of combinations

The Ciao marker (pronounced “chow,” as in the Italian greeting) is the most economical Copic marker, providing the same great quality and experience as Sketch, but at a more attractive price. The Medium Broad nib allows for thick strokes while the Super Brush nib works great for variable-width strokes. 


  • Flat barrel
  • Available in 36 colors
  • Comes with a 3/4" wide nib
  • 2 Nib Options: 18 mm and Broad Calligraphy 
  • Refillable - 7 refills from one Various Ink bottle
  • Wide Sets: available in a variety of combinations

Wide markers are the premier choice for coloring large areas with a consistent stroke. Their large nibs are excellent for calligraphy, architectural design, graffiti, product rendering and coloring backgrounds. They feature two replaceable nib options and are easy to refill.


Many people wonder what the difference is between the 100 and 110. The two blacks may look the same on some paper, but on others there is a noticeable difference. The 100 is a "true", deep blue black, while the 110 is a slightly neutral gray black -- it comes down to what pigments are used to make up each color. The 110 would be equivalent to a T11, if such a number existed on our color chart.


  • Copic - long "o", "COH-PICK".
  • Ciao - "CHOW", like the Italian greeting.

You can store your markers whichever way looks best on your desk :) Japan sells them stored either way, so it doesn't really matter.

No. We guarantee a 3-year shelf-life. These markers are  airtight and will last for years, even if you never use them.

No. Because they are a dye they will fade unless they are protected from direct light.

Nothing. They are airtight and alcohol based so it will take a lot for them to freeze or boil due to extreme temperatures.

This can happen when the air pressure inside the marker is altered. Remember, these are airtight markers, so a pressure change from weather, elevation, or airplane travel can cause this effect. Just pull the cap off both ends and let it sit for a moment. This will even out the air pressure and the marker should be fine after that.

Depending on the surface, they will dry acid-free. The alcohol carrier solvent is slightly off-neutral pH, but once that evaporates they are neutral. However, certain papers retain the alcohol more than others.

No. Both nibs share the same ink reservoir. So if one side is dry, chances are the other side is almost dry too. Just refill from the chisel end and you'll be fine.