Image created with Copic Sketch B000, B12, B14 markers, a Sky Blue Multiliner SP, and Opaque White

Copic's Opaque White with a fine liner brush makes applying highlights and details easier than ever. This tool is great for adding final touches to any project. It won't bleed into your base color and allows for sharp line definition. Opaque White works great on permanent inks as well as watercolors, and can be thinned with water to make it more transparent. 

When working with markers, it is always best to start with lighter colors and progress to darker colors. It is easier to leave an area white than to try and fade it back to white with the Colorless Blender. However, sometimes the spots you want to leave white are so small that it would be next to impossible to leave them blank. This is where Opaque White comes in. Use this product to add final glints of light to eyes and hair, highlights to metal or drops of water, and reflections on surfaces. Opaque White is not intended to be used as a white-out correcting product. 

As long as water content is maintained , the product should last for many months in a tightly sealed container. Adding water occasionally (a few drops to a one ounce jar) will preserve its longevity over time and prevent crystallization.


  • Water-based pigment
  • Easy clean-up
  • Easily thins with water for added effects
  • Perfect for finishing highlights and effects
  • Won't bleed into your base color and allows for sharp line definition
  • Works great on permanent inks as well as watercolor

Before Opaque White

After Opaque White