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Grand views and beautiful scenes take center stage at this four hour coloring intensive color along Copic workshop. Join our talented Copic instructors to learn how to take a new look at landscapes and all the features you find in them. Start the class warming up your fingers with practice creating depth in your images. Next learn specific techniques to create realistic looking sky, water, grasses and land masses. Finish class creating your own mini masterpieces, using stunning photographs for your references. EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR THIS CLASS IS PROVIDED! All Sketch markers needed are provided for certification and workshop classes, however, if you wish to bring your own, there is a list of all of the Sketch markers used in our classes here. THERE IS NO PREREQUISITE TO TAKE THIS CLASS. Class time is 2pm - 6pm

Topics Covered in Class

  • Depth of field
  • Layering color
  • Landscape techniques
  • Realistic images

Class Schedule

Class time is 2pm - 6pm


All Supplies for this class are included.