Creatures of Amalthea is a master class in creature design from industry-leading concept artist Terryl Whitlatch. Learn her proven process and gain practical skills, knowledge and techniques for designing creatures all your own. Our three-part curriculum equips you with the skills required for developing your own creature designs. Start with research and design, and progress through the drawing and coloring steps to finish with a full color concept illustration. Create the extraordinary inhabitants of the world of Amalthea from the inside out. Learn bone and muscle frameworks, and combine them to create your own. Our one-of-a-kind curriculum is geared toward providing outstanding creature design education for concept artists, creature illustrators and aspiring artists like you.

Course Features:

  • Step-by-step instruction with professional creature designer Terryl Whitlach. 
  • In-depth lessons for drawing real and imaginary creatures according to anatomically accurate zoological references.
  • Demonstrates the development of creature design in the context of an exciting, cinematic story.
  • Color application techniques and rendering tips using Copic markers.
  • Gain skills, knowledge and techniques in anatomy, science, storytelling, physiology and creative writing.