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Everyday Concept Art: Spaceship

Andrew Probert is a Concept Designer who has professionally designed spaceships and other science fiction hardware in Hollywood (see his bio here). These days, as a freelancer, he continues providing concepts for various productions and independent shows. Here is a look into this everyday process, which we're happy to say includes Copic markers.

  • Architecture How-To Series: Magnolia & Crape Myrtle Trees

    Trees come in all sizes, shapes, and colors and the Magnolia and Crape Myrtle are perfect examples of that sentiment. Even within these two species alone you will find a ...
  • Interview with Hand Lettered Design

    Addi Robision and Lisa Funk are lettering artists whose passion is helping people create beautiful hand lettering while having fun along the way. They have taught over 1200 students (in-person ...
  • Copic for Rock Stars: Carla Harvey

    Who is Carla Harvey? Carla is best known as a vocalist of the heavy metal band Butcher Babies, but she is also a writer of exceptionally cool comic books. We ...
  • Courageous Hand Lettering with Copic

    David is a multidisciplinary designer, specializing in Handlettering and Brand Identity design. In this tutorial he shares his lettering process using Copic Multiliners, walking you through the foundational steps of ...

    David Sorrell


    Interview with Two Comic Con Legends

    Enjoy this interview with Allison Sohn and her husband, Adam Hughes: two comic con legends we have been so lucky to know over the past several years. At the next ...

    Daniel Durrant


    Architecture How-To Series: Maple & Oak Trees

    Creating beautiful trees with Copic markers is easier than you think. In this blog and series of videos, Randy Hunter will show you how he uses multiliners and Copic markers ...

    Randy Hunter


    Micro Drawing with Multiliners

    Evan Lorenzen is an illustrator and animator who explores the realm of micro handmade books, which are the main topic of his current body of work. None of the books ...

    Jordan Johnson


    Airbrushed Backgrounds with Jennifer Dove

    In this tutorial, Jennifer Dove shows you a great way to create your own background by using the Copic airbrushing system. You can come up with many different variations using ...

    Jennifer Dove


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