Beginning Feather Blending

Posted On: 11/05/14 By: Marianne Walker


  • Y17, Y11 Using a brush nib, work your way in from the tips of the stars with Y17.
  • Leave the middle open. Soak the middle of the star with Y11, pushing the edges of the darker yellow out.
  • Lightly feather the Y11 as you get further into the tips of Y17.


This way, your edges stay soft and blend smoothly. Push with the lighter color until you get a smooth blend. If the dark color gets too light, add more dark again, feathering to keep from getting harsh edges.

Any lighter color will push a darker color out if the dark color is soaked enough. You can always keep layering colors as needed until the blend looks right. While blending, always keep a layer of scratch paper under your work in case the ink soaks through.

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