Using Copic WIDE Markers in a Portrait

Posted On: 03/02/15

Gentian Osman is a Seattle-based artist who does beautiful work in a wide range of styles and techniques, from calligraphic hand-lettering to finely detailed illustrations. She’s a fan of the Copic WIDE markers (see her earlier tutorial) and demonstrates in this tutorial how you can add the unique markings of a Copic WIDE marker to a Copic Sketch marker portrait.


Copic Wide markers are a great to use alongside the Copic Sketch marker. The broad tip allows you to create unique strokes that can enhance your Copic marker drawings.

Markers Used


  • Copic Wide C3

  • Copic Wide C9

  • Copic Sketch C0

  • Copic Sketch C1

  • Copic Sketch C3

  • Copic Sketch C5

  • Copic Sketch C7

  • Copic Sketch C8

  • Copic Sketch C9

  • Copic Sketch 00


I start sketching the the basic outlines using a light color, Copic Wide C3. The edge of the marker is great for getting a precise line and mapping out the main features of the drawing. I usually like to start with a light color as it can be easily blended using the colorless blender seamlessly.


WIDE Effects

I then use the broad edge of the Copic Wide to block in larger areas and for creating expressive marks.


I used the side of the Wide marker in a stippling action to create some interesting crosshatching. I like that these are aspects that are unique to the Wide marker due to the broad width of the nib.


Contour & Define

I start adding more contour and definition to the face using the sketch markers in C0 through C3. I like that the sketch adds a more painterly aspect to contrast with the more structured lines created by the more angular sketch nib.


Adding more of the darker colors: Sketch in C5, C7, C8 to create more depth.


Highlighting with the Copic Wide C9. Some close up of the cross hatching effect by stippling the marker.


Adding more of the C8 and C9 sparingly to continue to define the image. I continue until I am happy with the end result.

IMG9-rs1280.jpgCompleted sketch. I added a few additional details like dots with the sketch marker to add a bit of interest.


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