How to Draw Glass with Copic Markers

Posted On: 04/17/15

Enjoy this tutorial from guest artist Katie Mruz, and be sure to check out her Etsy Store!

Products Used: 11’’ x 14’’ Canson Marker Paper, Gelly Roll white gel pen, Chalkboard white liner pencil by Eberhard Faber, and Copic Sketch markers.

Copic colors: E00, E02, E09, E15, E18, E29, E31, E33, E37, E49, E50, Y11, Y17, Y21, Y32, YR04, YR61

I enjoy drawing glass objects, so this demonstration will show how to draw a pitcher of syrup. This is a portion of one of my larger pieces.

I begin with a light sketch of the pitcher, and then add light foundation colors to get the basic shade of the syrup, E02, Y17, E18, E09, E37, and Y11. I typically use the brush tip, because it allows for better control and detail in small areas. 

I then outline the lip of the pitcher with my darkest color marker, E49 and fill in the space between the lines with buttercup yellow and dark suntan, Y21 and E15. As seen in the pictures, I have also added more shading to the syrup inside the pitcher by overlaying darker colors, E37 and E29. I leave some spaces white for the reflections of light coming through the glass.  In the oval opening, I shade the area with E50 and E00 to give the pitcher shape.   

The stream of syrup is created with a thick line of E31, E32, and Y17. I add further shading to the bottom of the pitcher with the darkest brown, E49, and add more shading to the upper part with E31, YR61, E15, and E18.

At this point, all my shading with Copic sketch pens is finished, and now I begin adding highlights. I first use a chalk pencil on the body of the pitcher to add a reflection. The pencil allows for the color behind to show through while still retaining its light appearance. 

After using the chalk pencil, I use a Gelly Roll gel pen to create brighter highlights. I add these around the rim of the pitcher and on the edges of the syrup to create a glossy effect.

Here the pitcher is finished in the complete piece. Adding the highlights with the gel pen and chalk pencil really contribute to the realistic effect of the glass and bring the pitcher to life.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial; see more of Katie's work on Instagram @katiemruz

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