How to Draw Spider Gwen with Sean Forney

Posted On: 07/30/15

Enjoy this tutorial on how to draw Spider Gwen from prefessional Comic Artist, Sean Forney of Savage Mind Comic Studio!




Illustration board 

Graphite transfer paper

#1 Sable brush 

Technical pens 

Sumi ink 

Copic markers: B00, B41, W2, W3, N4, N5, C2, C4, E00, YR00, E21, BV00, Y13, Y17, G00, G02, R37, B000


I started this piece with a loose pencil sketch on a piece of paper. I worked on what I wanted in the pose and details for the clothes and tattoos. Once I finalized the look that I had in mind I transferred my sketch to a piece of smooth illustration board using graphite transfer paper. This allows me to keep from having stray pencil marks on the final piece as well as eliminating the need to erase and possibly ruin the surface of the illustration board. 

I added some additional details in pencil to the piece once it was transferred to the illustration board. I then inked the piece with a combination of Multiliners, technical pens, and brush with Sumi ink. I used the pens for the details like the hair, eyes, webs, and the buildings and then the brush for the larger lines to make up the form of the figure. I used Sumi ink for the brush work because this ink does not tend to bleed into the marker later on. 

Once the piece is inked I started the process of adding color. I started with the background sky and windows using both wide and standard Copic markers. I worked on blending B 00 (Frost Blue) and B 41 (Powder Blue) to compliment the orange and red tones in the characters skin. I then moved on to the buildings where I used Warm, Neutral, and Cool Grays ranging from 2 to 6. I used some of the darker gray tones to add some texture. I achieved this by stippling the darker tones and then using the lighter tones to blend the tones slightly. From there I began to color the skin using Copic sketch markers E 00 (Skin White), YR 00 (Powder Pink), and E 21 (Soft Sun). I worked from light to dark to cover most of the area of the skin with the lightest color and then adding the two darker values on top for the shadows to create the form of the character. I went back to some of the shadows with a complimentary color, BV 00 (Mauve Shadow) to darken some of the shadows as well as pull in some of the background color. This helps make the character look like it exists in the same space as the background.

I moved on to rendering the hair with a similar process using Y 13 (Lemon Yellow) and Y 17 (Golden Yellow). Next I moved on to the costume using G 00 (Jade Green) and G 02 (Spectrum Green) for the shoes. I used Neutral Grays 02-06 for the gray areas of the costume. Just like with the skin I went back to the shadows of each part and added a bit of BV 00.  I also used R 37 (Carmine) and B 000 (Pale Porcelain Blue) for the rest of the costume.

Here's a timelapse of the process:

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial! You can see more of Sean's work on his Deviant Art, Twitter, and Facebook pages. 

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