ComicMaster Product Review by Brandi York

Posted On: 11/05/14

Thank you to Brandi York for the following review of our ComicMaster Lightbox!

The ComicMaster Lightbox. What more is there to say but Wow? The surface area is large, but the lightbox itself is not.

Back in the day, (well, okay, maybe not *that* long ago), most lightboxes were huge. I mean, giant boxes of wood with florescent tubes inside that flickered when they came on and often had a darkened line down the center if the light didn’t overlap well.

The ComicMaster measures less than an inch think, not a foot, like the last box I used. This also means it weighs nothing by comparison to many other lightboxes out there. Easy to use then stash away to clear table space. Always a big plus when you have a small studio like I do! And the light itself is incredible.

LEDs keep the surface nice and cool while really lighting up the room. I had no trouble seeing my light pencil sketch through the heavy Copic Marker Sketchbook paper, even with all of my studio lights on. (And there are a lot of them.) With all of the lights on, my husband even commented on just how bright the LEDs are.

I did have to turn the studio lights off for tracing a black and white photo printout, but as soon as the lights went out, even the photo was clear as day through the thickness of the Sketchbook paper. I particularly love the “legs” on the underside. You can prop up the lightbox up both horizontally and vertically, to make long-term tracing more comfortable. (Good for inking those detailed pieces.)

All in all, if you’re going to spend the money on a lightbox, spend the money on a good lightbox that will last you a long time and not take up lots of precious studio space.

Brandi York - Comic Master

Brandi York - Comic Master

Disclosure: Brandi York was compensated with a ComicMaster Lightbox in exchange for her review.

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