Copic Chat with Todd Nauck

Posted On: 11/05/14

NauckProfilePicTalented comic artist Todd Nauck will be hosting a special Q&A, signing and artist workshop event to celebrate his first art installation in an accredited museum, the Bakersfield Museum of Art.

The exhibit opens February 4th. 

Todd Nauck has over 17 years experience in the comics industry. If you're into comics, you're probably familiar with his work for Image, DC and Marvel comics - Amazing Spider-Man, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Teen Titans Go, and Wild Guard, Young Justice and the Spidey and Obama teamup.

When he travels to comic shows and conventions each year, fans commission him to create artwork rendered in Copics. Recently, we were lucky enough to chat with Todd on Twitter about his art making process, his Marvel Custom Solutions projects, and the artwork he created for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Lance Briggs (and others) for the NFL Superbowl, and ESPN.

We asked him to explain his unique creative process. His approach - which involves first defining the form in color - deviates from the more conventional approach of starting with pencils, following up with inks, then finally adding color. Seems that @RAHeight also likes working this way: todd nauck tweettodd nauck tweettodd nauck tweettodd nauck tweettodd nauck tweettodd nauck tweet ra height tweet Judging from the dozen or more images he started posting, this method works very well for him. He chose the subjects from recommendations from his army of loyal Facebook and Twitter fans. A few images unveiled during the conversation:90’s Superboy During the Q&A session, Todd was answering questions from our audience. @Darksparkle asked about skin tone colors: tweet Next, @WorkingClassGMR asked: tweet Fellow Copic-loving artists @AH_AdamHughes, @CatStaggs and @MahmudAsrar each got shout outs for being inspirational Copic artists. comic artists tweet If you love comics, follow these great artists and let Todd know you enjoy his Copic sketch cards! He's super interactive, and who knows - perhaps your suggestion will get chosen the next time the request lines are open...

On that note, what are your favorite comic titles? If you commissioned an original Todd Nauck Copic sketch, who would want him to draw? Let us know in the comments, below.

Todd Nauck online:

Website: The art of Todd Nauck
Facebook: Todd Nauck
Twitter: Todd Nauck


More information about the special Q&A, signing and artist workshop event at the Bakersfield Museum of Art.  

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