Classic Empty Marker COPICEMPTY

Classic Empty Marker

Empty markers allow you to mix or expand your maker collection with by using Various Ink to fill them up.

Available in Classic, Sketch or Wide.

All empty markers come with the same nibs included as their filled marker versions.

Filling a brand new, empty marker takes about 1.5 - 2cc’s extra ink to saturate the sponge inside the marker than if you were refilling a standard, already used marker.

Any thin ink will work. Paint-based inks will not work as the pores will dry out and will not flow properly. So, only thin inks or food colorings will work.

Use an empty various ink bottle to mix your own custom marker inks.

Tips: When mixing a custom color, experiment with a few drops of colors you want to combine into a paper cup, then test with a cotton swab on clean paper until you discover the combination you like best.

example: test with 5 drops [any color] + 3 drops [any color] + 6 drops 0-Colorless blender. If successful, final batch would be 5 cc’s [any color], 3 cc's [any color] and 6 cc’s 0-Colorless Blender.

$ 6.99