Refill Tools

Multiliner SP Nib Changer

$ 4.95

  • Compatible with both color and black Multiliner SP pens
  • Provides quick & easy changing of worn nibs or empty ink cartridges
  • Large end is for removing stuck ink cartridges
  • Small end is for removing nibs

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Nib Tweezer

$ 8.99

  • Quick, easy nib removal.
  • Grippping teeth for added traction
  • Works on Copic, Sketch, Ciao, and Wide markers

If you are removing the nib to refill the ink, these special tweezers will prevent damage from occurring to the nib and ink from getting on your fingers. Gently grab the nib and pull. Once you re-insert the nib it may take a minute for ink to flow. Ideal for removing broken brush nibs.

Note: To prevent wear on the brush nibs, always refill from the chisel end and avoid pulling out the brush unless damaged.

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