What is Copic?


Copic is a true original. First widely adopted by the Japanese design and manga industry, Copic alcohol-based dye markers are now preferred by everyone from professionals to enthusiasts.


Designed for lifetime use, Copic markers are refillable in 358 colors. With replaceable nibs and a marker-based airbrush system, Copic markers are ideal for all styles of art, design, illustration, and craft.


Copic in the Classroom


With a built-in color number system, it is easy (and fun) to teach color theory with Copic markers. Use the unique number system to teach value, hue, saturation, and intensity.


Demonstrate care and proper maintenance of art tools while your students learn to refill your classroom marker sets.



Help Your Students


Prepare for College

Copic markers are required at many top art schools across the country, from Art Center in LA to SCAD in Savannah, and from FIT in New York to the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Help your students prepare for college. Copics make color theory and value studies easier to understand and improve traditional drawing skills that art schools expect.

Prepare for a Career in Art & Design

Artists at top companies like Nike, Lucas lm, and BMW use Copic markers for design sketches. Students interested in pursuing elds such as architecture, illustration, landscape design, or fashion will have the advantage if they have experience using Copic markers. Encourage your students to explore the world of Copic markers while preparing for a career in the arts.

“Using the markers for runway fashion design, car design, and shoe design--Copic gave [my students] confidence and will probably spur them on to creating more meaningful art and help carve a path toward success in this eld of study.”

Elizabeth Freeman
Teacher, Bay St. Louis, MS

Free Education Resources

We have partnered with industry experts to create extensive learning programs with coordinating teaching manuals.


These programs can be used in a variety of ways, from single-class lessons to fully developed units or courses.They can be used not only in art classrooms, but across the curriculum as they incorporate a variety of subject areas.They are ideal for AP classes or independent study plans.


Free Teacher Supplement


Lesson Plans


From surrealism to photo illustration, each multi-day lesson plan integrates Copic products with a unique and inspiring project. Lesson plans include a materials list, National Visual Arts Standards, student objectives, step-by-step activity procedures, assessment options, and vocabulary terms. These individual lessons range in grade level and duration and are adaptable to most classroom settings.


Free Downloadable Lessons



Creatures of Amalthea


Creatures of Amalthea is a free master class in creature design from industry-leading concept artist Terryl Whitlatch. This three- part, on-line program equips students with the skills required for developing their own creature designs, starting with scientific research and progressing through the drawing and coloring steps to finish a full-color concept illustration.


Journey into Learning

The comprehensive teaching manual expands upon the concepts and techniques taught in the CoA on-line curriculum and introduce a variety of additional activities and lesson ideas that encompass a number of subject areas.


Download Here

A Year of Creatures (Coming Soon)

Using the online CoA program as the basis for the creative design process, Creature Feature is a year long program that teaches setting and creature design, research skills, creative and descriptive writing, and storyboarding for upper elementary and middle school students.

(Approximately 30 classroom hours)

A Week of Creatures

Creature Creation & World Building

An intensive one-week workshop that combines creature design and creative writing. With reference to the on-line CoA program, this workshop adapts our high school and college level creature design curriculum for an upper elementary and middle school extended learning opportunity. Our fully developed teaching manual includes sequential lessons that walk students through building a landscape, creating a unique creature, and developing written descriptions and narratives.

(Approximately 15 classroom hours)

Download Here

iii Academy

Want to learn how to draw and color manga style illustration?


Follow the adventures of Ian and Ivy as they learn the basic elements of drawing and coloring. Discover with them how to draw figure poses, distinguish perspectives, color animals, and more.


Each episode is full of new discoveries, valuable drawing tips, and exciting extras like Japanese lessons!

New Episodes!

Manga Club

Start your own school Manga Club with this easy-to-use advisor kit. Each kit contains a Manga Club Advisor's Guide with sample lessons and activities as well as suggested resources such as videos, books, conventions, and websites.


Advertise your club with the included promotional posters. Additional supplies include multiliner inking pens, artwork image packs, and an iii Academy book. These kits are available while supplies last.

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Education Pricing

Contact our office for more information about special pricing for schools and classrooms.


Enjoy ALL that Imagination International, Inc. has to offer. All of our products are available at a discount; markers, refill inks, paper, inking pens, and more. Check out the iii product catalog for a complete listing of our top-quality art tools. Download the 2016 Catalog.


Loaner Marker Program


Would you like to try Copic markers before you purchase a classroom set? Imagination International, Inc. has a limited* number of classroom markers sets available for teachers to borrow for a three-week period of time. Contact us for more details.


*Loaner marker sets are based on product availability. Please contact us early to reserve a set.

Training Opportunities

Imagination International, Inc. employs a team of art & design educators around the U.S. to teach artists and instuctors how to use iii products and services. We can offer your district or school the following free training opportunities:

Staff Development Training

We are happy to offer teacher in-service training for your district or region. Our free training includes product coaching and hands-on use.


Classroom Presentations and Demos

We can conduct product demos and classroom presentations to students in grades 6-12.


Contact us for details