Add a unique design or color accent to any article of clothing, fabric, or fiber art with Hot Ribbon! Hot Ribbon is a laser cut strip of polyester that irons on to any porous surface without sewing or the mess of glue. It comes in 22 colors, plus gold and silver metallic; you can even color the white Hot Ribbon with your Copic markers and expand your palette even further!


  • Each package contains two yards of Hot Ribbon (183 cm)
  • Product comes in four 18” x ⅛” strips (46 cm x 3 mm)
  • Hot Ribbon can be cut into thinner strips without fraying
  • Irons on with no sewing or gluing required
  • Works on any porous surface

How To Use

Hot Ribbon can be applied directly to the surface you want to decorate by following the Direct Method steps explained below. For more complex designs, you can use the Tempered Glass Transfer Method described at the bottom of the page. You will need a mini iron, a full-sized iron, a non-stick pressing sheet, and small, sharp scissors. For the Tempred Glass Transfer Method, you will also need a pane of tempered glass that is the same size or larger than the design you wish to create.

Direct Method

Step 1: Preparation

Set the mini iron to medium and place it in a ceramic mug for safety and convenience. Allow approximately 5 minutes for the mini iron to heat up. Remember that the shaft of the mini iron gets hot as well, so be careful how you hold it. Set a full-sized iron to medium high in preparation for final bonding. Prepare a padded work surface, like an ironing board or folded towel. Find some small, sharp scissors and keep them nearby.

Step 2: Create Your Design

Identify your starting point and consider how to lay out the ribbon. Keep in mind how the ribbon will stack as you add layers; you may want to lay down the ribbon on the edge of your design last to achieve a cleaner, finished look. Use the mini iron to tack down one end of the ribbon at your starting point. Iron along the ribbon as you guide it with your fingers; let it flow naturally around curves and avoid pulling on the ribbon. Trim off any excess pieces of Hot Ribbon from your design. Rotate your work and change positions as necessary to make nice, accurate cuts. At corners, ends, or sharp curves, cut the ribbon at an angle that matches the shape of your design. Cut a corresponding angle in the next piece of ribbon before you lay it down. You should allow a small overlap between pieces of ribbon, but try to avoid building up too many layers. If you make a mistake, immediately pull up the ribbon. If necessary, reheat the ribbon to release the adhesive (you may not be able to reuse that piece of ribbon).

Hint: Use steel wool to clean the adhesive residue off the mini iron after applying Hot Ribbon.

Step 3: Make It Permanent

Cover the completed design with a non-stick pressing sheet. With a full-sized iron set to medium hot, press down in one spot for 30 - 40 seconds. Repeat this process until you have permanently bonded your entire piece.

Tempered Glass Transfer Method*

For more complex projects, you may want to build your design on a pane of tempered glass and transfer it to your final work as one piece. Draw out your design on a piece of paper and place a pane of tempered glass over it. Follow the same steps as described in the Direct Method, tracing your design with Hot Ribbon while tacking it to the glass with the mini iron. Once complete, use an artist’s palette knife to lift your design off the pane of glass. Place the design on your final piece and make it permanent with the full-sized iron as described in the Direct Method directions.

Tips: Save small scraps of Hot Ribbon for delicate pieces. You can also slice the ribbon down the middle for finer lines, and it won’t fray!

*Make sure you are using tempered glass so it won't shatter or be damaged by heat!