IC ESTO Eraser is a general purpose eraser that does not produce crumbs. The square shape makes it ideal for erasing in tight corners.

IC Tone Eraser is made from bits of sand embedded in a rubber eraser. The sand will scrub down and lighten areas of tone. The more you rub, the lighter the area will get.

IZ Cleaner (pronounced "EZ" in Japanese) is a soft kneaded eraser that cleans as it erases and doesn't leave crumbs or fibers.

Sensor Kneaded Rubber Eraser comes in a plastic case. It’s soft texture eliminates eraser crumbs, keeps surfaces clean and doesn’t damage paper fibers. Use it to create gradients by lightly removing graphite.

Comikeshi Pencil Eraser’s smooth texture is gentle on paper and doesn’t catch or leave marks. It’s triangular shape allows for precise erasing in tight corners and around small details.