IC Comic inks are specially designed for Manga illustration. They are a true opaque black (not dark gray, like many other inks), and they dry quickly. IC inks sit on top of the paper, so lines do not get blurred by the fibers of the paper.

IC 05

IC Comic Super Black is a general purpose dipping pen ink, perfect for a wide variety of illustration needs. This ultrafine ink draws smooth lines and dries fast to prevent smears. It is waterproof once dry.

IC 36

IC Super White ink is made for fixing mistakes and adding highlights. Add water if the ink if too thick. Not recommended for color illustration.

IC 37

IC Art White ink is made for fixing mistakes and adding highlights. Can be used with nibs. Add water to dilute ink. Recommended for color illustration.

IC 33

IC Comic Premium Black Type 1 ink is specifically designed for use with dipping pens. It flows smoothly, doesn’t clog nibs, and creates consistent, even lines. Quick drying smooth black ink that resists eraser smudges.

IC 34

IC Comic Premium Black Type 2 ink is for coloring in large areas with a brush. Perfect for hair and large objects, this ink is deep black and dries quickly to avoid smudging.

IC 35

IC Comic Premium Black Type 3 ink is made specifically for inking on top of screen tones, which repel most other inks. Use it to touch up small areas or fix mistakes.

Ink Tips

Dip your nib in the ink just above the opening. If you dip too much, simply wipe it off and try again.

Scratchy lines may be caused by your ink. If you leave the cap open for a long time the water with evaporate and make the ink thicker, clogging the nib. Take a dropper and add water one drop at a time until your ink is rehydrated.