Draft Blue Mechanical Pencil with 2 Spare Lead

$ 11.99

Special Blue colored lead mechanical pencil that is useful for manga, illustration, rough sketch, screen tone placement marking, and rough draft of hand-drawn effects.  There is a sharpener on the cap, so you can sharpen the lead to your liking. 

Hard- to - Break polymer lead, allows you to draw smoothly even when firm pressure is used. 

*Includes 3 leads

* To Sharpen the Lead: Place the lead in the hole on the cap, then twist the lead left or right.


  • The tip of the lead that is set in the pencil is sharp, so be careful when handling
  • When sharpening the lead, there will be shavings, so place a scrap paper before sharpening
  • Do not use this product for the other than writing or drawing
  • Use I-C Draft Blue spare leads or 0.2MM Size lead with this pencil

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Draft Blue Spare Leads 3pc

$ 6.29

*Use with I-C Comic Draft Blue Pencil

Special blue color original of I-C company. it does not show on print/copy, which makes it great for rough drafts. 


  • When using with the Draft Blue pencil, sharpen the tip with the pencil cap first. 
  • The thickness of this lead is 0.2mm. If you are using this lead with another pencil, use a pencil of the same size. 

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