Free Size Pen Nib Holder T-40 with cap IC24

Free Size Pen Nib Holder T-40 with cap

Free size pen holder with safety cap. Cap is transparent so you can see the nib. 

  • Comfortable, less tiring rubber grip
  • Free size, fits Spoon, G, Mapping Pen
  • Good balanced length of 150mm
  • Equipped with a rubber grip (circumference of 13.7mm) for less tiring use. 
  • Cap can be placed on the back end of the holder while in use
  • Holder and the nib is sold separately

How to attach the nib:

*use caution when handling nibs

Push the pen nib in hard to the groove

Safe! Useful! Less tiring!

Excellent user experience!


  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not use other than the purpose it is intended for
  • Be cautious when handling the pen nib so as not to get injured
  • Always use the safety cap when storing


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