IC Comic Premium Black Ink Type 1 IC33

IC Comic Premium Black Ink Type 1

Black in developed especially for manga and illustration inking. 

*Light, smooth touch that is perfect for dipping pens

*Fast Drying black in that is strong against erasers

*Glass container for seeing how much ink is left

*Waterproof when dry/amount 20cc


  • Do not use other than for writing and drawing
  • The ink will be water-proof after it dries. Wash before it dries if it gets on clothes
  • Wash the pen nibs and brushes thoroughly with water after use
  • Always close the cap when not using
  • Do not mix with other ink
  • If the ink comes in contact with the eyes or mouth, wash it out with lots of water and call the doctor
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • **It will bleed if used with alcohol markers**

$ 13.49