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Interview with Hand Lettered Design

Addi Robision and Lisa Funk are lettering artists whose passion is helping people create beautiful hand lettering while having fun along the way. They have taught over 1200 students (in-person and online) the ways of the lettering world. They are going to be with us at the Pinners Conference in Salt Lake City, Nov. 4th & 5th, 2016 where they'll be teaching Hand Lettering using Copic Multiliners.

Courageous Hand Lettering with Copic

David is a multidisciplinary designer, specializing in Handlettering and Brand Identity design. In this tutorial he shares his lettering process using Copic Multiliners, walking you through the foundational steps of the craft. He explains, "Understanding letter structure helps us turn utilitarian shapes of language to into expressive, storytelling visuals."

Copic for Rock Stars: Charlie Benante

Who is Charlie Benante? He's not only the drummer for the world-famous metal band known as Anthrax, he's an entrepreneurial artist. We think he's awesome and he thinks Copic markers are awesome. So we interviewed him after having met him at a Comic Con in 2015.