Terial Magic

Terial Magic is a unique liquid fabric stabilizer that is revolutionizing the fabric arts. By infusing the fabric threads, Terial Magic turns fabric into a fray-free, paper-like material that can be manipulated in ways that were previously unavailable to fabric artists.



Instruction for use


Terial Magic Applications



Die & Electronic Cutting

Transforms fabric to be more paper-like, for clean, fray-free cutting.





Machine Embroidery

No other stabilizer needed, no more puckers, no more scratchy backing or tear-aways.




Inkjet & Laser Printing

Print directly onto any fabric with your printer for labels & printed crafts.





Quilting / T-Shirt 

Perfect for knits, bias cuts and piecing as fabric acts like a woven.




Fabric Flowers

Single ply, fray-free fabric flowers that hold gathers & pleats.



Fabric Art & Crafts

Paper-like fabric origami art, stamping, scrapbooking & cards.



Terial Arts carries three lines of patterns: Fabric Flowers, Fairy Wings, and Quilt patterns.

Flower Patterns

With eight different flower patterns to choose from, each package includes several sizes of flowers, yardage charts, detailed instructions and patterns for a variety of components, including: petals, leaves, stems, stigmas, pods, and sashes.


Fairy Wings Pattern

Costume or decoration, these fabulous DIY Fairy Fabric Wings are durable, comfortable to wear. Fairy Wing Pattern includes 4 sizes ~ Children’s to Adult’s.


Quilt Patterns

With two quilts to choose from, these patterns are highly detailed and customized so that users are never confused and can create beautiful flowers with ease.


All kits come with Terial Magic 8 oz, Batik Fabric, Flower Wire, and a Flower Pattern. Everything you need to make this gorgeous fabric bouqet is in the box. Hours of fun and easy to do yourself, this bouquet can be kept for your own home or gifted to brighten someone elses day! Beautifully packaged in a rigid clear plastic box, you can see the contents inside. Notice it includes the new Terial Magic™ Mini bottle!


All Kits Include:

  • Original Terial Arts Pattern
  • Terial Magic Mini (8oz.) spray bottle
  • Assorted batik fabric by Timeless Treasures
  • Color-coded floral wire, multiple gauges
  • Step-by-step bouquet arrangement instuctions with diagram


Floral Wire

Color coded floral wire exclusively by Terial Arts to make projects easier! Package includes 12 each of 3 color-coded size wire for the stems and leaves in Terial Arts’ flower patterns.


Snap Clips

Exclusively by Terial Arts, these hair snap clips have a special glue star with holes for glue to seep through and dry for secure adhesion to owers. Clips are ideal for hair accessories.


Shoe Clips

Exclusively by Terial Arts, these shoe snap clips have a special glue star with holes for glue to seep through and dry for secure adhesion to owers. Clips are ideal for shoe accessories.

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Additional Instructional Videos

View our video playlist on YouTube. Get inspired, educated or see a technique. More videos added soon.



No, but when applied it may darken a bit, and it may also change the sheen on shiny fabric. It will return to original color and shine after it is rinsed or washed out.

Terial Magic’s main ingredient is an organic compound, it is not a starch so bugs won’t eat your fabric work over time; and it is nontoxic.

No, but if you iron treated fabric while it's still really wet, it may crystalize (gel up) on the iron or the fabric, it will easily wipe off. It’s best to let the treated fabric air dry until damp before ironing.

No. It does not “goo” up your needle or machines.

Terial Magic was designed for fabrics that may fray or limp fabrics that need to have a more stable hand. Felt and vinyl already are fray free and pretty stable. T-shirt, cotton, batik, velvet, silks, wool and any natural fiber fabrics stabilize and are easier to use for so many purposes by treating with Terial Magic.

Terial Magic treated fabric not only easy to cut, it’s easier than untreated fabric! Terial Magic cuts like paper and makes fabric fray-free, easy to fold and press. Because it’s easier to cut, it’s a great way to help children learn to work with fabric.

Treated fabric sews like a dream. Fabric is very stable and will not shift or stretch as you sew or get caught in the feed dogs of your machine. Sewing open pressed seams together (piecing) is much smoother because treated fabric holds creases and folds in place better.

Treated fabric can easily be ironed; use a spritz of water or steam for serious wrinkles or creases. Treated fabric will easily finger press under ¼” turns for machine appliqué. Sewn seams can be finger pressed open to save time when piecing.

Terial Magic will keep for years. The spray trigger may dry up with product in the spray tube if left unused for a long period of time. Rinse/soak tube and trigger in hot water to free them of any liquid residual clogging the spray path. Test spray trigger and tube in soaking water to make sure it is clear of clog before placing back on bottle.