What is Terial Magic?

Terial Magic is a unique liquid fabric stabilizer that is revolutionizing the fabric arts. By infusing the fabric threads, Terial Magic turns fabric into a fray-free, paper-like material that can be manipulated in ways that were previously unavailable to fabric artists.

Three Easy Steps

Step 1


Spray to saturate

Step 2


Dry until damp

Step 3


Iron to set

Terial Magic Applications



Die & Electronic Cutting

Transforms fabric to be more paper-like, for clean, fray-free cutting.





Machine Embroidery

No other stabilizer needed, no more puckers, no more scratchy backing or tear-aways.




Inkjet & Laser Printing

Print directly onto any fabric with your printer for labels & printed crafts.





Quilting / T-Shirt 

Perfect for knits, bias cuts and piecing as fabric acts like a woven.




Fabric Flowers

Single ply, fray-free fabric flowers that hold gathers & pleats.



Fabric Art & Crafts

Paper-like fabric origami art, stamping, scrapbooking & cards.