Terial Magic - 8 oz. Bottle TM11002

Terial Magic - 8 oz. Bottle

Terial Magic is a unique, liquid stabilizer that is revolutionizing the fabric-arts industry. By saturating the fabric threads (unlike spray-on starch), Terial Magic turns fabric into a fray free, paper like material so that it can be manipulated in ways that were previously unavailable to fabric artists.

With Terial Magic, sewers can now use raw edging, quilters can shift piece work with less hassle, crafters can print on fabric with their home printers, embroiderers can eliminate unsightly stabilizer backing that causes puckering, and die cutters can use raw-edged fabric for appliqué. Fabric origami is possible, too. Its uses are limitless. What will you do with Terial Magic?

Easy to use:

  1. spray to saturate fabric
  2. dry until damp
  3. iron to set

Terial Magic can be left in or washed out if desired. For more permanence and water resistance, use a clear, acrylic, matte spray finish on completed art. Treat larger quantities of fabric in a sink or large bowl.

Ideal size for demo use, classes, or small-scale projects.

$ 9.95