Double-Sided Tape 

X-Press It tape is compatible with a wide range of surfaces, making it ideal for scrapbooking, papercrafting, design applications and framing. This product is heat resistant, meaning if you are a crafter and need to heat emboss over your X-Press It tape, you won’t damage the tape by heating it up. While this tape is intended for paper of all weights, it’s especially good for mat board, chip board and any heavier cardstocks that you want a firm adhesion to. We offer this product in the unique width of 1/8′′, making it perfect for using with narrow ribbon.


  • Archival
  • Acid free
  • Easy to tear
  • No static liner
  • Heat-resistant
  • Perfect for photos 
  • Easily apply by hand
  • Ideal for scrapbooking
  • Suitable for a wide range of substrates
  • Size options: 1/8′′ x 27 yds, 1/4′′ x 55 yds, 1/2′′ x 55 yds, 3/4′′ x 55 yds, 1′′ x 55 yds, 1 1/2′′ x 55 yds,  2′′ x 55 yds 

Double-Sided High-Tack Tape

X-Press It High Tack tape is ideal for all of your artistic adhesive needs. The double-sided tape is heat resistant, great for instant hemming, and works well on surfaces that will also be embossed. It is perfect for use with photos, framing, attaching embellishments and adhering items together. This tape has an extremely strong hold, and performs well on a variety of surfaces including metals, glass, wood, paper, plastic and fabric. 


  • No static liner
  • Heat-resistant
  • Easily apply by hand 
  • Extra strong adhesive
  • Acid and solvent-free
  • Great for instant hemming
  • High grip on metals, glass, wood, paper, plastics and fabrics
  • Size options: 1/8′′ x 27 yds, 1/4′′ x 55 yds, 1/2′′ x 55 yds

Double-Sided Foam Tape

Our foam tape is a great option for adding dimension to your crafting projects! This product will remove cleanly and won’t damage surfaces. 


  1. No static liner
  2. Create 3D effects
  3. Easily apply by hand
  4. Perfect for mounting
  5. Acid and solvent-free
  6. Ideal for scrapbooking
  7. Suitable for a wide range of substrates
  8. Size options: 1/2′′ x 4.4 yds, 3/4′′ x 4.4 yds 

Double-Sided High-Tack Foam Tape

Are you looking for an even stronger version of the X-Press It foam tape? Then our High Tack Foam tape is perfect for you! While this version offers all the same amazing features as our regular foam tape, the High Tack version offers an extra strong adhesion.  


  • No static liner
  • Create 3D effects
  • Easily apply by hand 
  • Perfect for mounting
  • Acid and solvent-free
  • Extra strong adhesive
  • High grip on metals, glass, wood, paper, plastics and fabric
  • Size options: 1/4′′ x 2.2 yds, 1/2′′ x 4.4 yds 

Deco Tape

X-Press It Deco Tape comes in ten solid colors and ten glitter colors. Deco Tape is flexible and easy to tear by hand, and it doesn’t damage surfaces or leave a sticky residue. Use it to decorate almost anything, and if you don’t like it, just peel it off and change it! Personalize walls, windows, or accessories. The packaging is re-closeable, so you can keep it for handy tape roll storage. Each package comes with ten rolls; that’s over 50 yards of tape!


  • 10 solid colors
  • 10 glitter colors
  • 7/16” (6mm) width
  • Over 15 ft of tape on each role
  • Tears easily by hand
  • Reusable packaging stores tape neatly
  • Peels off cleanly and does not leave residue
  • Narrow and flexible for precise application